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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Qualifying Expedition

Tuesday, 19/10/2021 Posted by: Tammy Howse

Early Sunday morning 12 September, a group of twenty students hiked from Mount Nebo, down to camp at Blue Gum Flats, near Lake Manchester. This was the Qualifying expedition for Bronze where participants demonstrated their skills, they had learnt in their previous expeditions.

The day was sunny and warm however the breeze and shade from the surrounding bush made hiking more comfortable. There were four groups on four different tracks towards the campsite all with a steady descent into the valley. Each group experienced both on track and off-track conditions in their descent and climb out the next day. One group came across large rock pools and enjoyed a swim.

Careful bearings and map reading were required to reach the destination. Blue Gum Flats is a beautiful open grassy area, with scattered tall and stately Blue Gums. After sunset we were treated to a rare event of fireflies, hundreds of tiny lights flying through the bush was a beautiful sight. Our evening devotion on not giving up highlighted the story of ‘Eric the Eel’ a competitor in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  Another ‘Bluey’ story was shared to conclude the evening!

The walk out challenged each of the groups, testing the combination of pack weight and fitness level with large hills to climb. One group spent time enjoying the natural pools and waterfalls with a refreshing swim and rest.

All four teams completed the expedition successfully and demonstrated skills in navigation and bushwalking.

Thank you to our volunteers, Mr Hobson, Mr Wilson, Mrs Coleman, Mr Forbes, Mr Chester and past Northpine D of E Awardees, Arielle Turnbull and Kiah Vescovi.

Northpine Christian College is proud to provide students an opportunity to be part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.  This is a youth award open to any young person from 14 years old. It challenges students to develop in a holistic way.  For information see Mr Hobson or Mr Wilson or check out the link to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award on the school start page.

Mr Colin Wilson – Teacher and D of E Volunteer