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Northpine Christian College’s Primary School aims to build positive relationships and experiences in a student’s early years to aid long-term development, learning and wellbeing. Students are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively, be responsible, take initiative, and be active participants in their educational journey.

where you will receive guidance for your future development

Our Primary School provides a friendly and nurturing space that guides children through this vital phase of their education. It is divided into two age groups, the Infants (Prep – Year 2), and the Juniors (Year 3 – Year 6). Our focus is to engage them in a wide range of relevant and challenging learning opportunities aimed at helping them discover their own interests and passions.

All students enjoy a well-rounded curriculum with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy as well as specialist and enrichment programs, balanced with pastoral care and student support. We believe this provides a solid base for personal achievement and the development of the leadership skills that are so important later in life.

An education at Northpine – where we teach children how to think, not what to think.

Mr Blake, Deputy Principal, Primary